Packaged photodetectors based on PIN photodiodes for monitoring Q-switched and mode-locked pulsed lasers.

  • Compact Integrated Package Complete ready-to-use solution in a compact package, including optional bias.
  • Flexible Options Full range of detector materials and sizes, free-space or fiber-coupled, plus wall-plug option.
  • Simple Operation Plug directly into 50 Ω coaxial input of oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer.
Photodetectors Line Drawing

Complete Family of Photodetector Products

Three types of photodetectors to support all your laboratory and OEM needs. <10 GHz photodetectors for general use, >10 GHz devices for high repetition-rate applications, and amplified detectors including a transimpedance amplifier for low-energy pulses. 

Don’t know which is the right product for you? We can help you choose.

<10 GHz Photodetectors

Monitor the pulse energy and/or pulse shape of your laser at speeds up to a few GHz, at wavelengths spanning the visible and near-IR with very low noise equivalent power (NEP). BNC output connector.


Wide Wavelength Coverage - Choice of Si or InGaAs photodiodes.

Optimized Detec or Sizes - Active area diameters from 100 µm to 4.6 mm. 

Integrated Internal Bias - Each photodetector includes a long-life lithium cell.

>10 GHz Photodetectors

For very high-frequency applications include heterodyne signal detection and fast time-domain measurements. SMA output connector.

Ultra-high Frequency Response -Bandwidths as high as >22 GHz.

Input Options - Choice of single- or multi-mode fiber, or free-space inputs.

Broad Wavelength Options - Responsive from 500 nm to >2000 nm.

Amplified Photodetectors 

Integrated transimpedance amplifier combines high gain for low input power < 1 mW.

High Conversion Gain - As high as 3.25 V/mW. 

Input Flexibility - Fiber-coupled or free-space, with half-angle acceptance up to 20°.

Compact Design - Small footprint integrates easily into your system. 

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