By using a full complement of fabrication methods, we can always deliver the exact shape you need, whether it’s spherical, flat, cylindrical, aspheric, or freeform.

We shape the optics using traditional grinding/polishing for spherical and flat polishing, as well as cutting-edge methods like slow-tool servo diamond turning for aspheres and freeforms. We are also experts in MRF, and both sub-aperture and stressed polishing of large optics.

Key Capabilities

Traditional Grinding/Polishing

Random wear is still the fastest and most economical method to create flats, sphericals, and cylindrical optics.

Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT)

A type of lathe is used to cut plastic or metal substrates and deterministically create all kinds of symmetric surfaces, including toroids, aspheres, parabolics, and conics.

Slow-Axis Diamond Turning

This is an advanced diamond turning machine used to create spheric and freeform surfaces by synchronizing the cutting tool position to the lathe rotations.

Sub-Aperture Polishing (e.g., MRF)

Here a smaller polishing tool robotically targets specific areas of a glass or metal surface, enabling complex freeform surfaces to be deterministically generated.

Stressed Polishing

By prestressing the substrate, a simple spherical figure is easily created which relaxes into the correct aspheric or freeform shape when the optic is released.