Sapphire Windows

Depend on the world’s largest producer of sapphire windows. Coherent is a vertically integrated manufacturer, who can grow, polish, and coat windows up to 200 mm.

Sapphire's unique combination of characteristics - broad transmission range, high hardness, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance - make it an ideal choice for applications ranging from drones and unmanned vehicles through medical devices.

Sapphire Window Capabilities

Choose coatings, flatness/wavefront distortion, and mechanical tolerances to suit your specific requirements.

Product Specifications




3 mm to 200 mm 

Mechanical Tolerances

±0.05 mm 

Optical Quality

< λ/10 transmitted wavefront distortion 


Available from 193 - 5300 nm  

Coatings qualified for MIL-STD-810G (Salt/fog) 

Optical transmission tailored to application  

Coatings abrasion and chemical resistant to plasma for excimer applications 

Damage Threshold

> 20 J/cm² at 1064 nm