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50th Anniversary Göttingen Site

The Excimer Laser at 50 – Older, But Better

Today, Coherent excimer lasers do everything from vision correction and mass spectroscopy to cellphone display manufacturing. See how we got there.

Lasers Join the Effort for Next-Gen E-Mobility Batteries

How Fiber Lasers Are Powering Electric Vehicle Batteries

Learn how Coherent fiber lasers deliver the best and most economical solution for the precise and demanding welding tasks of EV battery production.

Coherent Components for Space-borne Applications

Photonics for Space Applications

Coherent optics, coatings, lasers, crystals, and fibers are deployed everywhere from the Hubble Space Telescope to the New Horizons spacecraft and beyond.

BiW Welding Cast Aluminum

How to Get a Head in Automotive Laser Welding

Learn how the Coherent ARM fiber laser is making automotive welding of challenging materials used in body-in-white construction faster, easier, and better.

Supporting Flood Recovery Efforts in Germany

Supporting Flood Recovery Efforts in Germany

Join Coherent in supporting the Ahr Valley from the recent floods devastating entire towns in Germany. Read the blog to learn how you can contribute!

The Power of Raman Spectroscopy

The Power of Raman Spectroscopy

Discover how Raman Spectroscopy can measure the chemical composition and structure of everything from living cells to pharmaceuticals to semiconductor.


How Laser Processing Is Innovating Medical Device Manufacturing

Join Coherent at MD&M West to better understand how laser processing is driving cost-effective innovations and benefits for medical device manufacturers.

ExactWeld IP

Introducing the ExactWeld IP Polymer Welding System

Coherent ExactWeld IP is the easiest way to implement high-volume polymer welding in your production line to produce particle-free, distortion-free welds.

Lasers & Blood

How Flow Cytometry Lasers Count Your Blood

Learn why the Coherent OBIS lasers are found in more flow cytometers than any other brand and how they are at the heart of counting your blood.

How do lasers mark things?

How Lasers Marking Works

Did you know that today you are surrounded by things large and small that have been permanently marked with a laser? From the SIM card in your phone to the milk container in your refrigerator and the control panel of your washing machine, laser marking is everywhere. Read why and how lasers make all these different marks.

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration

Choosing Coherent as a vertically integrated supply chain partner reduces your risk of critical component shortages. Coherent has made significant efforts to bring critical laser amplifier components into manufacturing facilities across the US to better manage lead times, delivery schedules, and costs.

PulseEQ Technology

PulseEQ: Process The Most Delicate Materials Without Thermal Damage

Lasers are used to produce many of the highly miniaturized and complex devices around us–from mobile devices to medical implants. But in some highly demanding tasks, even the most advanced lasers need a little help. Read how PulseEQ improves laser cutting in these precision applications by eliminating thermal effects.


Rofin + Coherent: A Full Line of Industrial Laser Solutions

Forty years after Coherent was founded, the 2016 acquisition of Rofin was a major step forward in our development of a full-fledged industrial laser product line. Coherent, now incorporating the assets and expertise of Rofin, offers an extensive portfolio of materials processing lasers and laser-based solutions.

Introducing the Powerline F Twin

Introducing the Powerline F Twin

The Coherent PowerLine F Twin combines two lasers as a larger/faster marker with a single user interface. This simple and economical laser marker doubles the throughput for plastic and metal applications, including label marking and kiss-cutting, semiconductors, and serialization of trays of parts.

MicroLED Display Manufacturing

An Innovation In MicroLED Display Manufacturing

Coherent's new UVtransfer systems is innovating MicroLED manufacturing with Laser Lift-Off (LLO), Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT), and repair/trimming.

30 W UV Femtosecond Laser

30 W UV Femtosecond Laser Lowers HAZ for OLED Shape Cutting

The Coherent Monaco UV 30-watt laser offers ideal choice for high-speed, low heat affected zone (HAZ) shape cutting for economical high-volume production of reliable, foldable OLED displays.

All about MicroLEDs

All about MicroLEDs

MicroLEDs (µLEDs) are a relatively new technology that produces brilliant, high-resolution displays. In the next five years, µLED displays will grow to be a $10B-plus market — and lasers play a critical role in enabling their production.

Coherent Labs Hosts Medical Device Day in Shanghai

Coherent Labs Hosts Medical Device Day in Shanghai

Coherent Labs hosted more than three dozen visitors from the medical device manufacturing industry for a Medical Day reception to experience the latest in laser cutting, welding, and marking technology.

2021 Bernard J. Couillaud Prize Winner Selected

2021 Couillaud Prize Winner Announcement

Learn how Dr. Bowen Li of the University of Colorado developed a new laser that can measure pollutants with greater accuracy and sensitivity than ever before.

2021 Bernard J. Couillaud Prize Winner Selected

2021 Couillaud Prize Winner Selected

The Winner of the third annual Bernard J. Couillaud Prize has been selected as Coherent and the OSA foundation continue to honor the legacy of our former CEO and pioneer in the laser industry.

The new

A New Launches

See how Coherent is meeting the challenge of digital transformation with a new website centered on customer experience for the next era.

New ExactMark 210 Marking System Now Available

New ExactMark 210 Marking System Now Available

The new ExactMark 210 is a value-priced and feature-rich laser marking machine with the capabilities of larger marking systems.

New Office in Shenzhen Opens

New Office in Shenzhen Opens

Coherent customers in China recently celebrated the opening of a new office in Shenzhen.

888nm fiber-coupled single-emitter pump diode modules

888nm Fiber-Coupled, Single-Emitter Pump Diode Modules

Utilizing the new long-wavelength (888 nm) FACTOR series of fiber-coupled (FC) pump diode modules from Coherent will enable diode-pumped, solid-state laser builders to achieve higher power, without sacrificing beam quality.

Coherent TIOS ships first roundels for Thirty Meter Telescope

A Brief History of Coherent TIOS

Coherent Tinsley Integrated Optics Systems (TIOS) offers customers a wide range of capabilities in the manufacturing, polishing, finishing, and coating of precision optics.

New Product: Rapid LX

New Product: Rapid LX

Introducing the new Rapid LX — a true industrial picosecond laser platform for 24/7 production.

Coherent and II-VI: Innovating Automotive Laser Welding

Coherent and II-VI: Innovating Automotive Laser Welding

Announcing Supply Agreement for Turnkey Automotive and Electrification Welding Solution

Laser black marking for demanding applications

Laser Black Marking for Demanding Applications

ExactMark 230 Simplifies Laser Black Marking applications for medical devices, automotive, and consumer products, as well as other advanced marking tasks, are all streamlined and automated by the new ExactMark 230 USP from Coherent.

Thirty Meter Telescope

Delivering Roundels for the Thirty Meter Telescope

Coherent recently delivered the first shipment of precision mirrors for the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Improved Axon 780 for Label-Free Imaging Benefits

Improved Axon 780 for Label-Free Imaging Benefits

The new Axon 780 is an advanced feature, value-priced femtosecond laser for demanding 2 photon microscopy, nanofabrication, and inspection of wafers and thin films.

Copper Welding for Energy Storage Production

Copper Welding for Energy Storage Production

Rising demand for Li-ion batteries is fueling a new generation of laser welding solutions for maximum throughput, quality, and cost characteristics.

WaferLase II Streamlines NGS Flow Cell Production

WaferLase II Streamlines NGS Flow Cell Production

The new Coherent WaferLase II automated glass cutting systems combines automation with the proprietary SmartCleave technology for an environmentally friendly, low cost production solution for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Flow Cells.

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