New Green Laser Markers for Faster Semiconductor Applications

The expanded PowerLine F QS series delivers a 3X increase in available power for shallow marking of semiconductors as well as organics.

November 28, 2022 by Coherent

PowerLine F QS Green Laser Markers

The latest PowerLine F QS green laser markers deliver a 3X increase in throughput for marking of semiconductor ICs and organic materials. The high-performance air-cooled fiber laser delivers up to 27 watts of green (532 nm) output — a 3X increase over existing PowerLine F QS laser markers, while retaining all the performance and software advantages associated with these earlier models.

The combination of short wavelength and short pulse width enables shallow marking of semiconductors and heat-sensitive plastics. For example, the pulse width is only 1.5 ns and the beam quality is very high with M2 = 1.5. (Shallow penetration is a particularly important requirement in most semiconductor marking applications as it eliminates the risk of photothermal damage to underlying circuitry.) And the high-quality circular beam enables tight focusing, delivering precise marking with maximum contrast and clean high-resolution features. These superior laser output parameters mean these markers are also well-suited to cutting thin foils.

Other useful performance parameters include the ability to adjust the laser repetition rate from 10 kHz to 900 kHz, and to vary the laser power from 20% to 100%. This versatility enables the same laser marker to be optimized for different tasks, increasing its value and ROI in many applications.

In addition to a full range of scanner choices, the new PowerLine F QS models can be configured with other hardware/software options including “SmartMap3D” for free-form 3D marking. This option combines a dynamic 3D focusing technology with 3D machine vision and powerful marking software. It is an easy-to-use technology solution that eliminates the cost and time of implementing dedicated precision tooling and simplifies the setup of the entire marking process. Other software options include support for marking on the fly.

The operation of all the hardware and software is integrated and controlled by Coherent Laser FrameWork, which simplifies the design of sophisticated marks and facilitates the use of variable data (such as bar and serial codes).

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