Weld and harden with lasers that yield better results — and are easily automated and integrated into production.

  • Eliminate Distortion Apply heat in a highly spatially selective manner to avoid part distortion.
  • Improve Results Get better welding results with a spatter reduction of up to 80%.
  • Drive Throughput Accelerate processing with lasers and also eliminate postprocessing steps.

Spatter Free

Fiber lasers offer practical advantages for welding powertrain components but have traditionally produced an unacceptable amount of spatter. Coherent HighLight FL-ARM (adjustable ring mode) lasers allow precise control of how energy is delivered to the part to solve the spatter problem, and enable efficient, high-speed welding of powertrain parts. They also limit heat input into the part to avoid distortion.

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Bröking-Plastex: CO₂ Laser Enables Automotive Mass Customization

Find out how Bröking-Plastex uses Coherent CO₂ Lasers to increase cost-effective production and mass customization of automotive parts.

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