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Earth Day 2024: Coherent Corp. Announces Milestones in Its Sustainability Journey

“At Coherent, sustainability is an all-hands issue. We encourage -- in fact, we expect -- every one of our ~25,000 employees to participate and contribute to the Coherent Lean System through initiatives that attack waste in all of its forms across our enterprise.”

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Coherent recognizes the growing complexity, scope, and reach of our global operations and the impact they can have on our people, suppliers, customers, communities, and the world in general, including the environment. This recognition acknowledges responsibility and causes us to take action.

To that end, Coherent has policies and procedures in place regarding materials regulated either by global product-related environmental laws and regulations or by our customers.

Coherent’s policies focus on:

  • Reducing hazardous substances: They aim to minimize these substances while maintaining product quality.
  • Collaboration: Coherent works with industry groups and consortia to create effective solutions.
  • Compliance: They adhere to global environmental regulations.

Additionally, Coherent is dedicated to being a catalyst for environmental improvement in our industry, continually exploring ways to reduce the global footprint of our facilities and improve the performance, operating lifetime, and energy efficiency of our products.

We are committed to doing business responsibly, with environmentally responsible suppliers. Coherent is a member of the Responsible Business Alliance, and we adopted the RBA Code of Conduct as our guiding principles for our suppliers. By adhering to the expectations outlined in the RBA Code, the Coherent supplier base becomes a stronger partner and helps us ensure sustainable production of environmentally safe products.


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