Laser Marking and Engraving Machines

Choose an economical laser marker, a self-contained table-top system, or a fully-automated system with robotic parts handling.

  • Complete Laser Portfolio Get a marker with the laser that perfectly matches your application. 
  • Marking Experience Work with the company that fully understands your application.
  • Maintain Maximum Throughput Get fast local service from our global team of experienced professionals.
Laser Marking and Engraving Line Drawing

Complete Range of Markers and Systems

Choose a laser marker, a fully-featured automated system, or anything in between. Get the performance you want and only the features you need with a solution that matches your application and your budget.

Laser Marking and Engraving Family of Products

Exact Mark 230 Product Image

ExactMark laser marking systems include a motorized z-axis for automatic focusing as well as a range of optional motion axes and laser types.

IR, Green, or UV laser - Mark any material. USP Laser Option - Corrosion-resistant laser black marking of metals. Large Marking Field - Ideal for trays, e.g., JEDEC.
PowerLine-F Product Image

PowerLine Series lasers are ideal for system builders and production line integration for 3D marking, on-the-fly marking, engraving, and mark serialization.

Simplify Complex Tasks - Flexible software for 3D marking and more. Eliminate Risk - Thousands of these proven markers are in the field. Wide Choice - The best laser for your needs.
EasyMark Table Top Product Image

EasyMark Series are self-contained, table-top laser marking systems for a wide variety of marking, annealing, and cutting tasks in many materials.

Economical and Reliable - Rugged fiber laser technology. Simplify Complex Marks - Easy to use Visual Laser Marker (VLM) software. Accurate Mark Placement - Optional integrated camera.
AutoTube Marker Product Image

AutoTube Marker supports unattended operation with automated, precision laser marking of high-value tubular parts, such as those used in medical devices.

100% Automated Inspection - Machine vision validation. Versatile Laser Options - USP option for laser black marking. Mark Medical Devices - Comprehensive process logging.
CL-Advanced-WT Product Image

CombiLine laser marking systems deliver precision and operational simplicity to match a wide range of complex laser marking applications and machine setups.

Extremely Versatile - Several laser options and multi-axis motion choices. High Throughput - Optional continuous operation. Optional Robotic Loading - Automated side loading/unloading of parts.
LME RM 2 Laser Marking Workstation Product Image

LME Series are laser marking workstations for high-throughput, precision marking in production environments, particularly in medical and automotive.

Low Operating Costs - Uses efficient air-cooled lasers. Perfect Size - Choose from three different workstation platforms. Totally Customizable - Numerous options in vision, part handling, indexing and more.

WaferLase Series performs high-speed, high-precision silicon wafer marking and glass scribing for NGS Flow Cell production with automated tools.

Pristine Marking - Mark wafers without debris or thermal effects. High Throughput - Includes dual-arm wafer-swapping robotics. Rugged and Precise - Granite base and welded steel frame.
LabelMarker Advanced product image

LabelMarker Advanced provides high-speed marking and kiss cutting for common laser label materials, including simplified foil processing and singulation.

Completely Versatile - Supports all common laser label materials and foils. Simplified Operation - Object-oriented VLM (Visual Laser Marker) design software. Optimized Performance - multiple laser choices and label handling options.
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