Get rugged, high-duty cycle industrial excimer lasers designed for up to 2 kHz pulse repetition rate applications at 193 nm or 248 nm wavelengths.

Production line tools delivering reliability, longevity, ease of use, and advanced pulse control. IndyStar lasers are widely used in ink jet nozzle drilling, metrology and optics testing. Semi-S2 compliant for use in photomask inspection and related applications.

Overview of Key IndyStar Performance Metrics

Operate at 193 nm or 248 nm with repetition rates up to 2 kHz and power up to 12 watts. 

Model Name Wavelength (nm) Max. Pulse Frequency (Hz) Max. Pulse Energy (mJ)  Max. Power (W)
IndyStar 1 kHz 193 1000 8 8
IndyStar 2 kHz 2000 4
IndyStar 1 kHz 248 1000
IndyStar 2 kHz 2000 6