Satellite & Space

See beyond the ordinary with precision optics, lasers, and mechanical assemblies operating from the VUV through LWIR.

  • Meter Class Source meter-class optics and space-qualified windows, crystals, optics, coatings, and more.
  • Complete Solutions Designing complete laser systems and optomechanical assemblies with domestic components.
  • Proven Track Record Entrust your project to a team with a 100% success rate in over 100 Space missions.
Satellite & Space
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

In the harsh environment of space, there is no chance for a second chance. With over 50 years of experience in crafting space-grade photonic systems and over 100 flawless missions, Coherent excels in engineering solutions that meet the challenge. That's why we were chosen to supply the mirrors for the James Webb Space Telescope. Partner with us, from design through fabrication, for components and systems to support applications that support imaging, weather monitoring and satellite communications.

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Custom Capabilities

From Materials to Assemblies

Our custom design and fabrication capabilities, combined with a vertically integrated supply chain, ensures you can get the optic or optomechanical assembly best suited to your application.

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