Fabricating & Metalworking

Choose from a broad selection of lasers and tools to get exactly the right solution to your specific metal processing need.

  • More Options Pick the laser wavelength that delivers optimal results for your material.
  • Process Stability Match laser beam shape, intensity profile, and power for process optimization.
  • High Throughput Process large areas quickly, particularly when cladding or heat treating.
Fabricating and Metalworking
Fabricating and Metalworking

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Whether you're an end-user looking for a standalone tool, a line builder who needs a laser together with beam delivery and part handling, or a system integrator who requires just a laser source, Coherent products deliver an unmatched combination of superior performance, reliability, exceptional value, and responsive, worldwide service. Our technological breadth and vertical integration ensure that you can rely on Coherent for laser solutions that meet your exact requirements.

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Watlow: Laser Welder Delivers Heat at Just the Right Spot

See how our Select Manual Laser Welder enables precision thermal solutions provider Watlow to produce a novel type of resistance heating element.

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