Azure NX

Compact next-generation solid-state laser delivering low-noise, continuous wave 266 nm in a platform designed for easy integration into an industrial environment in the semiconductor industry. 

Azure NX features single-frequency operation and absolute wavelength stabilization. It provides hands-free operation via a LAN or WEB GUI. The combination of up to 1 watt of deep-UV, narrow linewidth, and 24/7 reliability is ideal for demanding applications. 


Azure NX 266-1000 – Key Parameters

Use this industrial-grade high performance 266 nm laser for semiconductor inspection, Raman spectroscopy, Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) writing, lithography and more. 

Product Specifications

Model Name

Output Power (W) 

Linewidth (kHz)


Pointing (µrad) (Actively Stabilized) 


RMS Noise (%) 

(10 Hz to 500 MHz)

Azure NX 266-1000 





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