Automotive Interiors & Components

Improve productivity and quality when processing automotive interiors and components thanks to powerful lasers and systems.

  • Customize Easily Implement product customization easily with software-controlled laser processing.
  • Serialize Parts Mark and track parts with tools that readily interface with production systems.
  • Deliver Results Achieve higher precision and cut rework with consistent, wear-free laser tools.
interior and components

Label Marking

Flexible, high-performance systems that bring the benefits of non-contact, high-speed, consumables-free laser marking to automotive production. 


Success Stories

See how the high pulse-to-pulse stability of the Coherent excimer laser is a critical feature enabling uniform pulsed laser deposition over a large area.
Monica Morales-Masis Assoc. Prof. University of Twente, Netherlands

Excimer PLD Creates Superior Films for Improved Solar Cells

High deposition pressure and room temperature PLD-produced Zr-doped In2O3 TCO films enabled the demonstration of semitransparent halide perovskite solar cells with 15.1% power conversion efficiency.

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