Advanced, high-power femtosecond lasers for superior edge quality in micromachining and improvements in scientific applications like three-photon microscopy. 

24/7 production line lasers delivering game-changing results in mobile device manufacturing, laser glass cutting, OLED display processing, medical devices, wafer dicing, and thin film cutting. Ideal for optogenetics or use with a tunable OPA for spectroscopy.

Monaco - Key Options and Parameters

Choice of UV, green and IR models tailored to achieve the lowest heat affected zone (HAZ) and maximum throughput.

Product Specifications

Model Name


Output Power Options

Pulse Repetition Rate

Standard Pulse Width

Pulse Tuning Range

Monaco UV 

345±2 nm 

20 or 30 Watts

Single shot to >1 MHz 

<350 fs or <500 fs


Monaco 517

517±5 nm 

20 or 30 Watts 

Single shot to >1 MHz 

<350 fs 

Factory optimized 

Monaco 1035 

1035±5 nm 

40 or 60 Watts 

Single shot to >1 MHz 

(Optional Performance to 50 MHz) 

<350 fs 

<350 fs to >10 ps 

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New 30-Watt Femtosecond Laser Lowers HAZ for OLED Shape Cutting

The Coherent Monaco UV 30-watt laser offers ideal choice for high-speed, low heat affected zone (HAZ) shape cutting for economical high-volume production of reliable, foldable OLED displays.

Monaco UV Femtosecond Laser

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