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Superior laser systems for automated precision welding of small metal or plastic parts ideal for medical products, automotive electronics, sensors, and more.

ExactWeld includes a fiber laser (for metals) or a diode laser (for polymers), robotic positioning, user-friendly software, and an optional vision system. It maximizes weld quality, production yields, process consistency, and operator productivity.

ExactWeld 230 – Key Options and Parameters

Take advantage of galvanometer scanning to perform quasi-simultaneous welds over complex contours. ExactWeld 230 is for metals, ExactWeld 230 P is for plastics. 


Product Specifications

Model Name

Laser Source

Dimension, L x W x H (mm)

Welding Area (mm)

XY Positioning


Special Features

ExactWeld 230 

200 W Fiber Laser 

1700 x 1000 x 2050 

400 x 400

0.06 mm 

Patented SmartWeld™ technology bridges wider gaps and relaxes fit-up tolerances. 

400 W Fiber Laser 

ExactWeld 230 P 

300 W Diode Laser 

400 x 200 


User control of clamping force and collapse height. 

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