Laser Machines and Systems


Laser-based system for marking and engraving a wide range of materials. Integrates a laser with focusing/scanning optics and software.

PowerLine laser markers are ideal for system builders and production line integration. Flexible software allows straightforward implementation of complex tasks such as 3D marking on curved surfaces, on-the-fly marking, engraving, and mark serialization.

PowerLine Laser Markers – Some Key Features

Choose from the most complete product portfolio, comprising 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm wavelengths and USP lasers, as well as specialized beam delivery and scanning options.


Product Specifications

Model Name

Laser Type

Main Features

Target Materials

Typical Applications

PowerLine C


Economical, Versatile

Most Non-Metals

Engraving glass, organics, and natural materials.

PowerLine E QT Series

High Power (6 W) UV

High Speed, High Contrast


Marking of organics by bleaching.

PowerLine E Series

Solid State (IR, Green or UV)

High-Quality Marks

Diverse, Laser Dependent

Semiconductor device marking, marking of organics by foaming, day & night, and grayscale marking.

PowerLine E Twin

Solid State (IR, Green or UV)

High-Quality, Very High Speed


Serialization marking of semiconductor devices.

PowerLine F Series

Air-Cooled Fiber Laser (IR and Green)

Unique Performance

Metals, Plastics

Engraving/marking of metals, marking of lead frames, ear tag marking, marking of organics by carbonization.

PowerLine F Dual Head

Air-cooled Fiber Laser IR

High-Throughput, Cost-Effective

Metals, Plastics

Lead frames, IC strips, JEDEC trays, carbonization marks.

PowerLine F Twin

Air-Cooled Fiber Laser IR

Very High Speed, Simultaneous Asynchronous

Metals, Plastics

IC strips, serialization marks, larger objects.

PowerLine Prime

Solid State IR

Compact, Air-Cooled


General marking in low or medium volume production.

PowerLine PS 30


Laser Black Marking

Steel, Titanium, Aluminum

Laser black marking, micromachining.

Featured Blog

Faster Picosecond Marking And Micromachining

With 28 W of output power, the new Coherent PowerLine PS 30 increases marking and micromachining throughput for medical devices, watch parts, glass, and tough materials. Its short pulse duration avoids the creation of a heat-affected zone (HAZ) in many materials. The Coherent Laser FrameWork software integrates all subsystem components into one software control and offers interfaces to machine factory systems.


Video Spotlight


Fast Shallow Marking with Precise Alignment

The latest PowerLine F QS green laser markers deliver a 3X increase in throughput for marking of semiconductor ICs and organic materials. The high-performance air-cooled fiber laser delivers up to 27 watts of green (532 nm) output. Combining it with PartVision, the Coherent machine vision, leads to fast and reliable marking. PartVision eliminates the need for specialized tooling, thus cutting costs. It can also compensate for the way parts have been placed in the working chamber; this speeds workflow and reduces errors.

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