DIAMOND J-1000 Series

Use 1 kW of power for converting, cutting, engraving, and drilling of paper, thin films, plastics, glass, carbon composites, textiles, wood, and even thin metals.

This laser offers a unique blend of compact size, exceptional output characteristics (high peak power, fast rise/fall times, 200 kHz repetition rate), and numerous features for easy field service that make it an ideal choice for systems integrators.

J-1000 Key Specifications

Benefit from the combination of sealed, slab discharge design, an integrated RF power supply, and remote diagnostics for maximum reliability and easy integration.

Product Specifications


Wavelength (μm)

Average Power (W)

Peak Power (W)

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)

DIAMOND J-1000-10.6 

10.2 - 10.8  



1497 x 384 x 471 

DIAMOND J-1000-9.4 

9.1 - 9.5