Laser Machines and Systems

Manual Welding Systems

Offering manual and semi-automated tools that make the benefits of high-precision laser welding readily accessible.

These systems combine a Nd:YAG or fiber laser, laser-safe work chamber, microscope viewer, easy-to-use interface, and optional rotation or CNC axes into a compact package. They enable spot and seam welds to be produced quickly, at micron level precision, even by inexperienced users.

Manual Laser Welder Configurations

Choose from a manual table-top welder through to a freestanding version, with various automation options and excellent beam quality using SweetSpot Resonator, for a system that matches your needs.


Product Specifications


Main Features

Primary Applications


A highly compact, budget friendly system for handheld manual welding of individual parts. Great for single pieces and repair work. 



Prototyping lab 

Performance Basic 

A freestanding tool with a larger working chamber for manual welding of handheld parts or parts in trays. A heavy duty, 24/7 workhorse system with high power and excellent beam quality suitable for manufacturing. 

Jewelry manufacturing 

Performance Family 

Performance 7002 
Performance Unlimited 
Performance Open 

Three different freestanding models with either a closed working chamber, an enclosed workspace with a laser-proof safety curtain, or a completely open working area. Each intended for processing successively larger parts. Also has an optional motorized part rotation axis. Uniting precision and power to provide reliability for demanding jobs. 

Medical product manufacturing 


General manufacturing 

Mold repair 


A freestanding tool with a larger working chamber and unique control concept including manual welding, joystick control, or full CNC automation. 

Medical product manufacturing 

General manufacturing 

Mold repair 


A freestanding system specifically designed for production welding of large and heavy work pieces under either manual, joystick control, or full CNC automation. 

Medical product manufacturing 

General manufacturing 

Mold repair 

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High-Quality Manual Laser Welders

Performance Series Manual Welders enable quick and easy laser welding. They combine a laser source, stereomicroscope viewer, and control interface into a single, freestanding system. Highly reliable and mounted on casters, they are cost-effective and convenient to use in 24/7 manufacturing environments ranging from medical products to jewelry.