Laser Machines and Systems

Profile Welding System (PWS)

Combining a CO₂ or fiber laser with process sensors, precision motion, and control software for fast, accurate, high-quality tube and profile welding.

Achieve high quality tube and profile welds with a system incorporating an integrated process sensor for welding gap detection and tracking, plus precision linear actuators for accurate laser beam positioning at welding speeds of up to 60 m/min.

PWS Laser Options

Choose from CO₂ or fiber laser configurations.


Product Specifications

Laser Option 


DC Series CO2 laser 

The CO2 laser is well-established for delivering a stable, high quality process on most materials. 

HighLight FL-ARM fiber laser 

The HighLight FL-ARM provides more precise spatial and temporal control over delivered power than traditional fiber lasers, yielding better weld characteristics. This has already proven to be particularly advantageous with stainless steel.