Laser Machines and Systems

EasyMark Series

Self-contained, table-top laser marking systems for a huge variety of marking, annealing, engraving, and cutting in many materials.

EasyMark are simple-to-use, manually loaded tools for marking, and engraving. A powerful user interface and operational flexibility make them ideal for use with tooling, medical devices, electronics, and jewelry.

EasyMark Series – Model Details

The Laser FrameWork user interface makes it simple to set up and use all EasyMark systems. Reliable fiber laser technology ensures low cost-of-ownership.

Product Specifications


Fiber Laser Options

Maximum Marking Area (mm)

Rotary Axis

Additional Key Features


20 W, 20 W Varia, or 50 W  

120 x 120 


Optional Viewing Camera 

EasyMark XL 

240 x 240


120 x 120

Ring Marking Module (RMM)

On-the-fly engraving 

EasyMark LD

20 W Varia

120 x 120

Adjustable pulse length

Video Spotlight

Laser Marking Systems: EasyMark and EasyMark XL

Elevate your manufacturing operations with the EasyMark and EasyMark XL, compact and user-friendly table-top laser marking and engraving systems that offer simplified 3D engraving capabilities. These Class I laser systems are designed for manual loading and unloading, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from marking and engraving metal parts to processing plastics, rubber, wood, and other organic materials.

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