Laser Machines and Systems

EasyMark Series

Self-contained, table-top laser marking systems for a huge variety of marking, annealing, engraving, and cutting tasks in many materials.

These class I laser systems feature manual loading of parts and camera-supported positioning. They can process most metals and non-metals. The powerful software provides interfaces, support features, 3D engraving, etc. Applications include tools, medical devices, electronics, jewelry, etc.

EasyMark Series – Model Details

Simplify your marking with user-friendly Visual Laser Marker (VLM) software controlled through a GUI. Reliable fiber laser technology ensures low cost-of-ownership. 

Product Specifications


Fiber Laser Options

Maximum Marking Area (mm)

Rotary Axis

Additional Key Features


20 W, 20 W Varia, or 50 W  

120 mm x 120 





Ring Marking Module (RMM) 

Optional Viewing Camera 

EasyMark XL 

240 mm x 240


120 mm x 120

On-the-fly engraving 

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