Introducing the Cost-Effective Coherent PowerLine FL Series

Economical modular sub-systems for laser welding tasks in e-mobility, consumer electronics, and medical devices.

April 26, 2022 by Coherent

PowerLine FL Series

The new PowerLine FL series sub-systems integrate a fiber laser with optional scanner, chiller, vision, and process monitoring, all operated using the powerful Coherent Laser FrameWork software, to simplify and speed production fiber laser welding. At the heart of our new family of laser sub-systems is a single-mode fiber laser with up to 1500 W of output power in a highly focusable beam. The laser can be operated either CW or pulsed from single shot up to 5 MHz. Together with a range of scanner options supporting working areas from 55 x 55 mm to 260 x 260 mm (and larger on request), this allows PowerLine FL to be optimally matched to a broad range of welding applications.

Process control options include a vision system and process monitoring functions. All these PowerLine options, plus the laser, are operated through Coherent Laser Framework, our integrated software platform that simplifies operation, enhances productivity, and simplifies integration, including compatibility with Industry 4.0 (IIoT), and data logging for traceability.

The PowerLine FL is available with the SmartWeld+ application package that uses precise beam “wobble” to create welds with highly defined seam shapes and cross-sections with maximum precision and minimum heat input. These welds are needed to join dissimilar metals and temperature-sensitive materials even in very thin forms, including copper to copper and copper to aluminum. This is needed in applications such as e-mobility (e.g., battery welding), consumer electronics, medical devices, and watch making, as well as several other high-tech industries.

The availability of this high-performance sub-system from a single-source supplier enables integrators to build machines and entire production lines with faster time to market and then faster setup at the user site. Just as important, our global service support structure, comprehensive service contracts, and local parts warehouses mean less downtime and higher overall throughput.

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