Electric Motor Manufacturing

Weld metals and heat thermoplastic composites with efficiency, high throughput, and reduced costs.

  • Enhance Consistency Reduce welding process sensitivity to variations in part surface finish.
  • Eliminate Defects Weld with reduced defects, spatter, and porosity, and eliminate part distortion.
  • Process TPCs Perform efficient, controlled melting of thermoplastic composites.
Electric Drive Motor Manufacturing


An extensive range of diode laser sources enables efficient laser-assisted tape winding (LATW) and laser-assisted tape placement (LATP) in any desired configuration.

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How Fiber Lasers Are Powering Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries

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Customer Success Stories

Bröking-Plastex: An automotive industry leader

At Bröking-Plastex, one thing becomes clear: the trend towards ever greater variant diversity requires specialists who can produce the smallest to large batch sizes flexibly and economically.

1 - 500

Typical batch size

Over 50%

Parts processed with the laser

The introduction of laser technology has enabled us to definitely expand our addressable markets, since variant production from standard plastic parts and sheet metal processing would not have been possible without the laser systems.
Armin Buchsteiner Managing Director & co-owner of Bröking-Plastex

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