Flow Cytometry

Get lasers and light engines for flow cytometry applications with superior optical performance and lower noise for best beam quality and unmatched CV.

  • Superior Performance Get perfect focus with our superior and consistent beam quality.
  • Lowest noise Deliver unmatched CV using the lasers with the lowest amplitude noise.
  • Widest Range Find the best laser for your instrument and fluorochrome palette.
Flow Cytometry

Easy Integration

Simplify the challenge of integrating multiple wavelengths across the entire fluorochrome excitation spectrum — 30 plug-and-play choices from the UV to the IR.

Multi-Wavelength Laser Engines

Eliminate the challenge of combining and aligning multiple lasers with integrated multi-wavelength modules — cut your costs and accelerate time-to-market.

More Output Power 

Get 100s of mW — even multiple watts of power — for  high-throughput instruments.

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Success Stories

Autonomous Flow Cytometer Benefits From Compact, Efficient OBIS Lasers

Read why CytoBuoy's chose OBIS Lasers for compact, multi-wavelength instruments that can operate unattended for extended periods, floating or submerged in the sea.

OBIS lasers meet all our needs here. They are compact, high-reliability lasers that are energy efficient with a low thermal budget.
George Dubelaar CEO, Cytobuoy, Woerden, Netherlands

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