CellX PT Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine

Fully PermAlignTM laser engine platform for volume OEM applications in flow cytometry and other bio-instrumentation applications.

Up to four wavelengths and with PermAlignTM beam delivery optics. Fixed pattern of stripes ideal for flow cytometry applications. Configured during manufacture to customer's specific requirements. Hermetically-sealed and robust for maximum reliability for instrument OEMs.

Laser Engine Designed for Flow Cytometry

Development products offer typical performance allowing evaluation of the CellX PT platform. For volume OEM applications, CellX PT can be configured to specific customer requirements for wavelength, power, and output pattern. Contact a Coherent Product Expert to discuss your specific requirements.


Product Specifications

CellX PT Model

CellX PT Development Laser

CellX PT Developer's Kit

Part Number



Wavelengths (nm)

405, 488, 561, 637

405, 488, 561, 637

Output Power (mW) for each wavelength



Focused Stripe Size

Gaussian, TEM00 (both axes)

Focused Stripe Size (µm)  (Vertical Size x Horizontal Length) (1/e2)

8 x 80

8 x 80

Focused Stripe Spacing (µm) (Vertical Separation)





Power Supply, Power Cord OEM Heat Sink, Fan-Cooled Heat Sink, and Accessory Kit

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A Laser Engine
That Fits in the Palm
of Your Hand

The next-generation high-volume OEM laser engine for flow cytometry that can fit in the palm of your hand. Configurable wavelength, output power, and stripe pattern to specific OEM customer requirements.