Narrow Spectral Linewidth Laser

Get our compact laser in one of three configurations – free beam, fiber-coupled, or module – and use the wavelength-locked output for Raman and other demanding applications.

A unique method locks the laser wavelength, guaranteeing an ultranarrow bandwidth (<0.1 nm) plus a high side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) (typically 40 dB). Delivering a smaller, economical alternative to external cavity lasers for spectroscopy and sensing.

Narrow Spectral Linewidth Laser - Key Specifications

Use this stabilized laser with no need to control ambient temperature thanks to its integrated TE cooler. It delivers a long expected lifetime with MTTF >20,000 hrs.

Product Specifications

Module Number

Wavelength (nm)

Linewidth (nm)

Output Power (mW)

Power Stability (%)

SMS Ratio (dB)

Operating Temp Range (°C)







-20 to +50