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Polarization Maintaining Fibers

Use single-mode and large-mode area polarization maintaining fibers in demanding network applications. These fibers are also ideal for use in lasers, amplifiers, FOGs, and sensing systems.

Coherent NuPANDA fibers offer the broadest operating wavelength range, highest birefringence and highest mode field uniformity.   

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Key Product Benefits

Fibers are available for use from 350 nm to 2000 nm and feature custom and precision beat lengths, among other options. Leveraging high volume manufacturing, our fibers offer highly uniform optical and mechanical properties at low cost.

Product Specifications




Low intrinsic attenuation maximizes system efficiency  

Highest mode field uniformity of all PM fiber types 

Custom and precision beat length selection readily available 

Radiation resistant in the range of 0.1dB/km-kRad due to the lack of stress inducing dopants within the evanescent field 

Intrinsically high fatigue failure tolerance 

The absence of low strength breaks makes it ideal for coiling applications 

Glass surfaces at or near the core have homogenous stresses making polishing for splicing straightforward 

Stress rods make convenient orientation markers for quick, precision radial orientation in splicing machines 

Bend insensitive options 

Many core/clad geometries

Active dopants 

Passive dopants 

Single and double cladding 

High temperature coatings and others 

Panda type 

Radiation resistant 


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See how we manufacture fibers used in lasers for surgery, space, LiDAR, and more. From pre-forming to fiber draw and winding to combining, you'll find the type of fiber you need for your application from Coherent.

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