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Beam Delivery Fibers

Transmit higher powers in solid-state, fiber, and diode lasers systems with Coherent NuBEAM low loss, high damage threshold, multi-mode, beam delivery fibers.

NuBEAM fibers are available in a large assortment of core and clad diameters and with biocompatible coatings to accommodate the widest range of applications including pump delivery, laser delivery, medical imaging, surgery, and more.

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Key Product Benefits

Choose from a large assortment of core and clad diameters, as well as options for silicone, transparent nylon, and tefzel buffers.

Product Specifications




Low Loss/high transmission efficiency 

Flat Top technology for top hat, low speckle beam profile 

Clean room fiber draw eliminates hot spots

Pure silica core for high damage resistance and gamma radiation sterilization 

Tight mechanical tolerances for ease of assembly and superb repeatability 

Compatible with most fiber interconnect systems 

Provides mechanical high-strength and bend resistance 

Core diameters from 50 μm to 1000 μm 

NuCOATFA coating for added power confinement and polyimide for high temperature applications 

Silicone, transparent nylon, and tefzel buffers 


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See how we manufacture fibers used in lasers for surgery, space, LiDAR, and more. From pre-forming to fiber draw and winding to combining, you'll find the type of fiber you need for your application from Coherent.

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