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Multi-kW Fibers

Designed for high power laser systems, Coherent NuMKW fibers offer highest beam quality and lowest photodarkening, SRS and TMI for unmatched performance.

These fibers enable power scaling to >3 kW in existing laser architectures, and provide tailored, mode-field matching to our passive fibers to ensure >99% coupling efficiency.

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Key Product Benefits

Choose active fibers from 1.5 kW, 2 kW, and 3 kW depending on your power requirements.

Product Specifications




Lowest photodarkening

Highest beam quality

Eliminates TMI & SRS to enable power scaling without changing laser architecture 

Designed for extended service life in challenging deployment conditions 

Enhanced fiber reliability in demanding applications 

Proof-tested to 100 kpsi – excellent mechanical reliability 

High dynamic fatigue strength 

Long life expectancy in typical deployment conditions 

Matched Passive Fibers 


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See how we manufacture fibers used in lasers for surgery, space, LiDAR, and more. From pre-forming to fiber draw and winding to combining, you'll find the type of fiber you need for your application from Coherent.