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Medical Fibers

Build better surgical, medical imaging, and spectroscopic systems with high performance fibers. Options include a wide range of form factors, power handling capacities, and biocompatible coatings.

Coherent offers a diverse array of fibers for medical use, from imaging and spectroscopy applications such as OCT/NIRS and endoscopy to surgical laser beam delivery for lithotripsy, BPH, precision cosmetic surgery and more.

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Key Product Benefits

Get single mode and multi-mode fibers in many different core and cladding diameters and configurations, all available with biocompatible coatings.

Product Specifications




Precise dispersion control facilitates high-resolution imaging 

Very low loss delivers the highest signal-to-noise ratio 

The broad wavelength range of our product offering enables the greatest breadth of applications 

High strength allows tight bend radii and the longest possible operational lifetime 

Tight dimensional control simplifies precision catheter assembly 

Exceptional core/clad concentricity guarantees high laser coupling efficiency 

Range of core/clad geometries 

Small form factors for minimally invasive procedures 

Pure silica core for radiation sterilization 

Biocompatible coatings 


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See how we manufacture fibers used in lasers for surgery, space, LiDAR, and more. From pre-forming to fiber draw and winding to combining, you'll find the type of fiber you need for your application from Coherent.