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Gyro Fibers

Build high-performance fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) coils and sensors for auto, space, and defense applications with high birefringence fibers manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances.

Coherent polarization maintaining and single mode gyro fibers offer low crosstalk variation and radiation resistance for demanding FOG and sensor applications.

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Key Product Benefits

Select polarization maintaining and single mode fibers with cladding diameters from 40 µm to 80 µm, coating diameters of 90 µm to 170 µm, with radiation resistant and radiation hard formats available.

Product Specifications




Bend insensitive and low loss for minimum power consumption and longest coil lengths 

Minimal crosstalk due to high birefringence, and low mode field perturbation along length 

Low Tg coating minimizes stress induced birefringence to reduce crosstalk variation over a wide temperature range (-55°C to 105°C) 

Very high fatigue failure resistance 

Continuous lengths up to 5 km for high precision gyros 

Standard formats as small as 40 μm clad/90μm coating for maximum length on a small coil diameter 

Coating tolerances as low as 2 μm for repeatable fiber turns per coil layer 

Polarization or single mode designs 

Radiation hardened and radiation resistant varieties 

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