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Geophysical Fibers

Sense temperature, pressure, flow, acoustics, or strain in harsh environments. Pure silica core SM or graded index MM fiber has superior thermal, chemical and hydrogen resistance.

Coherent fibers offer an unmatched combination of ruggedness, reliability, and optical performance for distributed sensing methods in structural monitoring, perimeter sensing, security and downhole oil & gas applications.

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Key Product Benefits

Choose from coating options, including mid-temperature acrylate (150 °C), silicone (200 °C) polyimide (300 °C), and carbon for industry-leading temperature and chemical resistance.

Product Specifications




Minimal attenuation changes after exposure to hydrogen and elevated temperatures 

Low intrinsic loss over critical wavelength ranges 

High bandwidth (graded index fibers) for highly resolved distributed sensing 

Negligible degradation in strength after hydrogen exposure 

Maintains strength and reliability after exposure to rated maximum temperatures 

Acrylate coating (150 °C)

Silicone coating (200 °C)

Polyimide coating (300 °C)

Hermetic carbon coating for improved hydrogen ingress resistance and reduced dynamic stress corrosion


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See how we manufacture fibers used in lasers for surgery, space, LiDAR, and more. From pre-forming to fiber draw and winding to combining, you'll find the type of fiber you need for your application from Coherent.

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