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Ultrafast Fibers

Scale ultrafast fiber lasers to higher powers with PM, large mode area (PLMA), Ytterbium-doped active fibers (YDF), and passive matched Germanium doped Fibers (GDF).

These fibers feature the highest absorption and lowest photodarkening, while maintaining high beam quality. Ideally used in ultrafast fiber lasers, and for chirped pulse amplification, narrow linewidth amplifiers, second harmonic generation, and frequency doubling.

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Ultrafast Fibers

Eliminate nonlinear effects with active and passive PM fibers featuring high beam quality, lowest photodarkening, and highest absorption. 

Product Specifications




Lowest photodarkening for power scaling of pulsed amplifiers 

High pump light absorption reduces necessary cavity length and minimizes nonlinear effects 

Maintains the highest beam quality 

Designed for extended service life in challenging deployment conditions 

Proof-tested to 100 kpsi 

High dynamic fatigue strength for extended life in typical deployment conditions 

Active dopants 

Passive dopants 

Single and double cladding 

Polarization maintaining


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