Apply fiber laser technology to "challenging" materials like welding galvanized steel, aluminum, and HSS.

  • Reduce Postprocessing Accomplish zero-gap welding of galvanized steel without spatter or weld pores.
  • Eliminate Filler Avoid "center line cracks" when welding aluminum 6000 alloys - without the use of filler wire.
  • Prevent Cracking Weld high-strength steels at rapid feed rates with no subsequent cold cracking.
Body-in-White Automotive Lasers

Aluminum Welding

Use the ARM fiber laser for welding of 6XXX without filler wire, avoid centerline cracks, and minimize spatter. Plus, adjust weld depth while keeping seam width constant.

Zn Coated Steel Welding

Highlight FL-ARM lasers enable high-quality, zero-gap, overlap welding of galvanized steel without blowouts, and open up new possibilities in production.

Video Spotlight

Laser Welding of High-Strength Aluminum to Cast Aluminum

Both high-strength and cast aluminum deliver proven benefits for automotive construction, but also present challenges to laser welding. In particular, both are prone to hot cracking and spattering. These problems are solved utilizing a welding system based on the Coherent ARM laser and the new thyssenkrupp LSK06 laser clamping head.


Featured Blog

How to Get a Head in Automotive Laser Welding

Learn how the Coherent ARM fiber laser is making automotive welding of challenging materials used in body-in-white construction faster, easier, and better.


Customer Success Stories

Bröking-Plastex: An automotive industry leader

At Bröking-Plastex, the trend toward ever-greater variant diversity requires specialists who can produce the smallest to largest batch sizes flexibly and economically.

1 - 500

Typical batch size

Over 50%

Parts processed with the laser

The introduction of laser technology has enabled us to definitely expand our addressable markets, since variant production from standard plastic parts and sheet metal processing would not have been possible without the laser systems.
Armin Buchsteiner Managing Director & Co-owner of Bröking-Plastex

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