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StarCut Tube

Fully-automated, multi-axis CNC machines for tubes and flat materials, including medical devices such as catheter shafts, stents, hypotubes, PTCA devices, TAVR, etc.

With a rock-solid cutting platform (the SL uses a mineral cast base) these machines offer the ultimate in precision, with contour cutting accuracies better than +/- 5 µm. A choice of fiber laser or the latest Monaco USP laser enables fine cutting of any polymer or metal.

StarCut Tube – Key Options and Parameters

StarCut Tube L 600 is available with a fiber laser, a USP laser or both lasers. StarCut Tube SL is a compact model with the smallest footprint in the market. 

Product Specifications


StarCut Tube L 600

StarCut Tube SL

Infrared Laser Options 

60 W Femtosecond USP Laser  

100 W or 200 W Fiber Laser 

USP and Fiber Laser 

Maximum Tube Diameter (mm) 



Rotary Axis Speed (rev/min) 

600 (standard) 
1500 (optional) 

Travel Range (mm) 


300 or 600 






Overall Dimensions, D x W x H, (mm) 

762 x 2625 x 1430 

700 x 1340 x 1410  

Available with StarFeed S tube feeder 



Available with StarFeed L tube feeder 



Video Spotlight

Automated Laser Cutting of Long Tubes With StarFeed L

The StarFeed is an automated loader/unloader for the StarCut Tube laser cutting machine and is available in sizes S and L. This combination allows fully automated dry or wet cutting of tubes from 1-20 mm diameter. The StarFeed L stores up to 48 tubes and even allows the processing of oval tubes. Its sensor-controlled gripping unit avoids damage. The end result is a big increase in productivity.

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