Laser Machines and Systems

NA Needle Drilling System

Drill up to 4 or 5 needles per second and get precise, consistent hole size and shape thanks to the combination of a laser with high pulse-to-pulse stability and a granite drilling platform.

Blind holes are automatically drilled, each with just a single long pulse that is precisely shaped so that the holes are smoothly drilled without undesirable thermal damage. Optimized for holes ranging from 50 to 750 μm diameter, with aspect ratios as high as 10:1. 

NA Needle Drilling Machines

The combination of a laser with high pulse-to-pulse stability mounted on a granite platform delivers precision consistent hole size and shape. Drill up to 3 needles per second.


Product Specifications

Model Name

Hole diameter (µm)

Pulse Rate (Hz)

NA 200 N

60 - 330


NA 302 N

120 - 470


NA 502 N

320 - 750


Video Spotlight

High Volume Production of Suture Needles

The needle drilling systems NA200 and NA502 enable high-volume production of suture needles as small as 160 µm at low production costs. The holes are characterized by smooth features, minimized thermal damage and excellent unit-to-unit consistency.