Laser Machines and Systems

L45/L60 PCD Surface Lapping/Shaping Tools

Obtain fast and efficient lapping of superhard PCD disks for tooling applications, as well as lapping, beveling, and rounding of PCD oil and gas parts.

A faster alternative to diamond powder grinding and EDM, the L45 enables surface lapping with a depth precision of 0.01 mm, where the depth can be set for each part within a single batch. The L60 can deliver deterministic shapes with no need for pre-lapping.

L45/L60 – Lapping and Shaping (PCD) Diamond Disks

L series tools feature high reliability, with key component lifetimes typically >10 years. They are environmentally friendly, with no escaped dust and noise below 75 dB.

Product Specifications


Processes Supported

Lapping Precision (µm)

Surface Accuracy (µm)

Lapping Speed (mm/hour)

Beveling Speed

High single-run Throughput

Number/size of pockets

Max number of disks


Fine and Coarse Lapping


0.2 (Ra)

>1 for 60 mm diameter


6 stack positions

25 (5 mm thick)

40 (3 mm thick)


Lapping, Beveling, Rounding, Profiling


0.5 mm/4.5 minutes

100 pocket positions

1613 parts total