Laser Machines and Systems

PowerLine AVIA NX

High-power ultraviolet laser cutter for integration into existing handling systems for cutting, drilling, and scribing wafers, SIPs, packages, PCBs, and more.

Precision laser tools integrating a long-lifetime ultraviolet AVIA laser with a galvanometer scanner, optics, and software. The UV wavelength and nanosecond pulse width enable fine features and narrow cuts with a minimized heat-affected zone (HAZ).

PowerLine AVIA NX – Key Options and Parameters

Benefit from a scanner that can cover up to a 300 mm wafer or PCB. Options include a fast-focusing module, internal power meter, through-the-lens alignment, and more.  

Product Specifications

Laser Source

Laser Power

Pulse Repetition Rate

Pulse Width

Pulse-to-Pulse Stability

AVIA NX 20-355 

20 W 

1 - 250 kHz 

<30 ns 

<5 % (rms) 

AVIA NX 40-355 

40 W 

1 - 300 kHz 

<35 ns