Laser Machines and Systems

eM15 Monocrystalline Diamond Cutting System

Deliver deep cuts with low taper and superior surface quality for cutting natural and synthetic monocrystalline diamond and CVD wafers.

The use of a pulsed green laser in a proprietary method enables fast, precise cutting of diamond, eliminating the slow speed and damage risk of traditional sawing. Ideal for windows, heat sinks, precision tooling, acoustic wave applications, jewelry and more.

eM15– Cutting monocrystalline diamond and CVD wafers

Simplified control thanks to eMicro software. Choose only the level of automation and number of axes you need, including optional rotation axis for 4, 5 axis models.

Product Specifications

Model Options

Laser Details

Maximum (XY) Working Area (mm)

Fixture Area (mm)

Typical Application

Part Loading

Max XY Scan Speed (mm/min)

3 axis

15 W green (532 nm) DPSS laser

200 x 200

150 x 150

2D (XY) cutting

Manual, custom automated


4 axis

D50 x 100

Shaped (3D) cutting

5 axis