diode pumped solid state laser, verdi v
diode pumped solid state laser, verdi v

Verdi V Series

Verdi V lasers are compact DPSS lasers suited for Ti:Sapphire pumping. They enable the lowest CW noise applications at 12W or 18W of 532 nm, and are suited for single frequency applications from 2W, 6W, 8W, 10W, 12W and 18W.

Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers, High-Power CW Output at 532 nm

Power Ti:Sapphire Pumping Single Frequency
2W G2 G2 SLM
5W G5 G5 SLM
6W - V6
7W G7 -
8W G8 V8
10W G10 V10
12W G12 V12
15W G15 -
18W G18 V18
20W G20 -



• Amplifier Seeding
• Holography
• Interferometry
• Atom Cooling and Trapping
• Continuous Wave OPO Pumping

Features & Benefits

The Verdi V-Series has a patented single longitudinal mode ring cavity architecture enabling single frequency applications. The “green noise” problem, common in other pump lasers, is eliminated with this design. Additionally, the Verdi V is available with a PZT option to lock the frequency and provide narrower linewidth. See the Verdi V-Series whitepapers for more details.

Lowest Optical Noise
The lowest optical noise is a key requirement for many applications including ultrafast laser pumping applications. It is the patented single longitudinal mode design that makes Verdi the lowest optical noise (<0.03% rms) high-power CW green laser in the industry. Verdi pumped ultrafast oscillator configurations such as Mira, Micra or Vitesse are the foundation for leading edge performance with ultrafast laser systems, such as CEP Carrier Envelope Phase stabilization applications.

Lowest Cost of Ownership The Verdi provides the lowest cost of ownership by leveraging a high efficiency resonator design, ultra reliable Coherent AAA (Aluminum free Active Area) diodes and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

Efficiency Matters
Verdi is designed for higher efficiency: The single longitudinal mode ring resonator provides more efficient frequency-doubling to 532 nm than competing multi-mode designs, and the on-demand pump diode-module temperature optimization will ensure optimum efficiency throughout the life of the resonator.

Long Lifetime Pump Diode Modules
Verdi features state of the art AAA pump diode material. Coherent’s AAA material has the longest track record with record operating hours in the field for years. The pump diode modules are located conveniently inside the power supply and deliver pump light via a single core pump fiber to the laser head. The single core fiber homogenizes the pump beam profile over the entire module lifetime and rounds up Verdi’s leading pump diode module lifetime.

Performance You can Rely on
Verdi is manufactured featuring PermAlign technology. It is the same technology we use to build our high volume instrumentation lasers such as the Sapphire. It fixes the optical components inside the laser head in a solder bonding process. Once put in place, they will never move, so nothing would have to be aligned over the entire product life time. PermAlign takes place in a clean room and once completed, laser heads are hermetically sealed to ensure your laser remains contamination free.

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