Genesis MX-STM SeriesEndUser
Genesis MX-STM SeriesEndUser

Genesis MX STM-Series

The Genesis MX-STM Series (TEM00) is a family of high-power continuous wave (CW) lasers. They are available from 460 nm to 639 nm with up to 1W of output power and are perfect for life science and research applications.

  • The MX STM end-user system is turnkey, CDRH and CE compliant, and comes complete with a front-panel power supply interface.
  • The MX STM OEM head (available from 607 nm to 639 nm) is a component that comes with an optional headboard kit and an OEM/end-user power supply.

All Genesis MX STM lasers come with a standard collimator. Additional accessories include air or water-cooling and shutter options. Software is also included to interface with your OEM software or as a standalone with our graphical user interface.

Compact Solutions for High-Power Applications

Genesis MX STM
Up to 1W visible
Standard Wavelengths
460 nm to 639 nm
Beam Quality
M2 < 1.1
Noise % RMS
< 0.1%
Stability 8 Hours
< ± 1%
Collimation and shutter options

Genesis MX STM Software

CohrHOPS DLL (CohrHopsDemo v2.0.7, DLL)
Dynamic Link Libraries for the MX laser - Collection of libraries for communication to the laser device
FTDI drivers for the MX laser - Device drivers for the MX laser device
OPSL gui
Graphical User Interface for the MX laser
Diagnostic software for the MX laser - Software used to check laser health

Product Software

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