Genesis CX SLM Series
Genesis CX SLM Series

Genesis CX SLM-Series

The Genesis CX SLM-Series is a single longitudinal mode, TEM00 is intended for single frequency, interferometric applications, and is available at 355, 460, 480, 488, 514, 532, and 577 nm with up to 4W of output power.

The TEM00 beam parameters remain constant from 10%-100% of the rated power including beam diameter, divergence, and M2. Mode hop-free performance is tested and recorded down to 250 mW with minimized frequency drift. RMS noise is also minimized with a short upper-state lifetime of the gain medium, which is unique and unlike any other solid-state laser.

The Genesis CX SLM-Series is designed end users and OEMs with a power supply that comes with or without a front panel interface. The software interfaces with your existing design, or it can be used standalone with our graphical user interface. Ask our sales representative about the software feature to maximize mode hop-free operation. Air-cooling and water-cooling options are also available.

Genesis CX SLM Base Specifications​

Power (mW)
Genesis CX 355-40/60/80/100 SLM
355 nm
40, 60, 80, and 100
Genesis CX 460-1000 SLM
460 nm
Genesis CX 480-1000 SLM
480 nm
Genesis CX 488-2000 SLM
488 nm
Genesis CX 514-2000/4000 SLM
514 nm
2000 and 4000
Genesis CX 532-2000/4000 SLM
532 nm
2000 and 4000
Genesis CX 577-2000 SLM
577 nm

Genesis CX SLM Software

CohrHOPS DLL (CohrHopsDemo v2.0.7, DLL)
Dynamic Link Libraries for the CX laser - Collection of libraries for communication to the laser device
FTDI drivers for the CX laser - Device drivers for the CX laser device
OPSL gui
Graphical User Interface for the CX laser
Diagnostic software for the CX laser - Software used to check laser health



• Holography
• Scientific
• Choose an Application
• Cell Research
• 3D Contour Mapping
• 3D Contour Mapping

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