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SatCom and LIDAR Fibers

Increase reliability and efficiency for LIDAR, satellite communications and CATV systems with NuEYDF-SMR all-glass double clad active and matched passive fibers.

NuEYDF-SMR fibers are optimized for LIDAR and space applications. They feature radiation resistance, HTA coatings for high temperature environments, all-glass designs for high optical reliability of the pump signal, and inhibit parasitic 1 µm ASE.


Increase the lifetime and efficiency of your automotive LIDAR, satellite communication or CATV system.

Product Specifications




Radiation resistance for space applications

Inhibits parasitic 1 μm ASE 

Optimized for low lasing threshold and high efficiency.

Designed for extended service life in challenging deployment conditions

Prooftested to 100 kpsi

All Glass Design to provide high optical reliability for the pump signal 

Active dopants

Passive dopants

HTA Coating for high temperature automotive applications

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