Rotators and Isolators

Provide the ultimate protection for polarized output from a variety of laser sources.

  • High Performance Provide superior isolation while maintaining high transmission.
  • Broad Selection Choose the perfect match in aperture, wavelength range, and power handling.
  • Customization Available Customize any standard product offering to meet your unique requirements.
Rotators and Isolators Line Drawing

Wide Selection of Rotators and Isolators

Our use of high-quality materials allows our Faraday Rotators and Isolators to provide you with the ideal combination of premium performance, reliability, and laser protection.

Don’t know which is the right product for you? We can help you choose.

Faraday Rotators and Isolators Product Family

1550 Faraday Isolators

1550 nm Rotators and Isolators

Coherent 1550 nm Faraday Rotators and Isolators are optimized for use across 1525 nm to 1575 nm near-IR wavelength window with no tuning required.

  • 1550 nm Performance - Optimized for the 1525 to 1575 nm wavelength range.
  • Power Handling - Accommodate power levels up to 20 W.
  • Polarization Adjustability - Add a waveplate for easy manipulation.
EURYS Rotators and Isolators

EURYS Rotators and Isolators

Coherent EURYS Rotators and Isolators protect Ti:Sapphire oscillators from back reflections while eliminating preferential lasing at lower gain wavelengths.

  • Broadband Performance - Spanning the entire 720 nm to 950 nm wavelength range.
  • Minimize Pulse Broadening - Low index optics decrease dispersion.
  • Adjustability - Optimize input polarization angle without additional optics.
Low Power Rotators and Isolators

Low Power Rotators and Isolators

Coherent Low Power Rotators and Isolators protect seed sources from the deleterious effects of back reflections in the 1050 nm to 1080 nm wavelength range.

  • Polarizer Options - Choice of dichroic glass polarizers or beam splitter cubes.
  • High Isolation - Use two isolators in series to achieve 60 db isolation.
  • Small Footprint - Integrate easily; most models <9 mm.
MAKROS Rotators and Isolators

MAKROS Rotators and Isolators

Coherent MAKROS Rotators and Isolators deliver exceptional reliability and superior isolation while maintaining very high transmission for high-power lasers.

  • 2 µm Performance - Covering the 1900 to 2100 nm wavelength range.
  • Rugged Compact Design - Resistant to harsh operating environments.
  • High Damage Threshold - Optically-contacted PBS cubes avoid adhesive use.
MESOS Rotators and Isolators

MESOS Rotators and Isolators

Coherent MESOS Rotators and Isolators protect lasers in the 4500 nm to 4600 nm regime from destabilizing and potentially damaging back reflections.

  • Easy-to-Use - Passive devices; no tuning required.
  • Rugged Design - Safely endure harsh operating environments.
  • Polarization Adjustability - Adjust with optional input and output waveplates.
PAVOS Rotators and Isolators Family

PAVOS Rotators and Isolators

Coherent PAVOS Rotators and Isolators maximize performance and eliminate ASE in your Nd or Yb amplified lasers and protect from damaging back reflections.

  • 1 µm Performance - For wavelengths in the 1010 to 1080 nm regime.
  • Optimized Performance - Maximize performance with precise rejected beam pointing.
  • Flexibility - A variety of aperture sizes, waveplate options, and other customizations.
PAVOS Ultra Isolator

PAVOS Ultra Rotators and Isolators

Coherent PAVOS Ultra Rotators and Isolators provide laser protection for high-power applications while still achieving high transmission and isolation values.

  • Reduced Thermal Lensing - 1/10th the absorption and thermal lens focal shift.
  • High Power Handling - Up to 1000 W of power handling without losing performance.
  • Polarizer Options - Polarizing cubes or high-performance thin film polarizers.
TORNOS Rotators and Isolators Family

TORNOS Isolators

Coherent TORNOS Isolators eliminate frequency instability and prevent parasitic oscillations due to ASE in amplified laser systems.

  • Wavelength Selection - A variety of wavelengths from 405 nm to 980 nm.
  • High Transmission - Increased efficiency extends diode lifetimes.
  • Compact Design - Small footprint integrates easily into your system.

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