General Optics

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

Transform Gaussian laser beams into other intensity distributions to achieve optimal results in a variety of materials processing applications with Coherent DOEs.

Coherent DOEs are built for use in demanding industrial applications – high-power laser welding, PCB drilling, glass cutting, solar cell manufacturing, and more – and are characterized by high efficiency, low stray light, and high damage threshold.

DOE Fabrication Capabilities

Specify DOEs with various functional capabilities, including a top hat, rectangular, or ring beam shaper, and 1D/2D beam splitter or arbitrary ratio beam splitter.


Wavelength range

193 nm to 3 μm

DOE steps

2 to 16 steps

Conversion efficiency (%)

40% to 98%

Element size

≤200 mm

Coating (optional)


Custom design

Almost any symmetry or arbitrary shape


Fused silica, BK7, or customer-specified material