General Optics

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) Diffusers

Use these diffusers to homogenize a light source and expand a narrower beam into a broad range of angles, without the limitations imposed by traditional refractive optics.

These efficient optics are ideal for use in illuminators for Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D sensing (e.g., cell phones, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles), for flood illuminators for 2D sensing/machine vision, or to homogenize the output of a high power laser.

Diffractive Diffusers – Customizable OEM Specifications

Use these diffusers even in harsh environmental conditions, including high optical power and temperatures up to 500 °C, thanks to their organic-free material platform.  

Field of Illumination (FWHM intensity vs output angle °)

Output Shape (Power vs Angle)

Illumination Uniformity (%)

Design Wavelength (nm)  

Minimum Transmission (%)

Thickness (mm)

Overall Dimensions






0.675 ± 0.025

Custom Cut