General Optics

DOE Flat Lenses and Lenslet Arrays

Focus or collimate light without the limitations and aberrations of refractive optics, using lenses that can perform multiple phase transformations in a single surface.

These versatile optics are mass-produced using digital surface relief (lithographic) patterning. They are ideal for optical engines and pattern generators in 3D sensing (consumer devices, autonomous vehicles). Also perfect as micro-optic lenses and arrays for transceivers.

Lenses and Lenslet Arrays – Customizable Performance

Use these lightweight lenses even in harsh conditions, including high optical power and temperatures up to 500 °C. All physical dimensions (WxH) are custom-specified.  


Focal Length

Numerical Aperture (NA) 

Design Wavelength (nm)

Angle of Incidence, AOI (°) 

Absolute Efficiency (%)

Centration Accuracy (µm) 

 Dimensional Tolerances (mm)

Typical Values 


0.3 max 

850, 940

0 ± 10 


±10 to edges, 

0.1 um to fiducials

±0.1 mm


Custom Options


Higher values on request

Custom wavelengths available 

Custom AOIs available

Higher values on request