The Coherent HyperRapid NXT 266 is the world's first industrial-grade deep UV, picosecond laser, offering extraordinary precision manufacturing as small as 5 µm.

April 18, 2023 by Coherent

HyperRapid NXT

The new Coherent HyperRapid NXT 266 can ablate holes, trenches, through cuts, and other structures with dimensions as small as 5 µm in glass, polymers, semiconductors, and other materials. The combination of picosecond regime ultra-short pulse (USP) output, 266 nm wavelength, and 10 W of average power allows this laser to reliably process materials with an unprecedented level of depth control and almost no heat-affected zone. Plus, repetition rates of up to 5 MHz and the unmatched reliability of the HyperRapid NXT 266 means it supports high-throughput production with minimal downtime. 


organic film cutting

When used for organic film cutting, the HyperRapid NXT 266 produces virtually no heat-affected zone, surpassing the already excellent results achieved with the HyperRapid NXT 355.


The extraordinary precision achievable with the HyperRapid NXT 266 enables a number of precision microstructuring tasks which were formerly impossible, or relied on other methods, such as chemical etching, which have undesirable cost, process time, and environmental characteristics. These include processes for manufacturing displays, organic electronics, semiconductor ICs, waveguides for quantum computing, medical implants, and components for bioanalytical instrumentation.

Coherent has achieved this benchmark product based on two capabilities unique to the company. The first is the ability to grow and coat nonlinear crystals of exceptional quality in-house to quadruple the frequency of the original infrared output of the laser to the deep ultraviolet, 266 nm wavelength. No other organization can consistently produce nonlinear crystals that operate at the power level of the HyperRapid NXT 266 with a guaranteed lifetime of 5,000 hours. 

The second key capability is the extensive experience at Coherent in manufacturing deep UV lasers. This requires cleanroom manufacturing facilities, plus a production workflow and assembly methods that maintain the pristine cleanliness required all the way through final laser packaging. 


glass ablation

Fused silica micro marking (line width: ~ 8 µm, thoughput: 100 characters/s). The Coherent HyperRapid NXT 266 microstructures materials with unmatched precision and minimal heat affected zone (HAZ).


In addition to high power, deep UV output, this new laser also offers all the functionality available from other HyperRapid NXT series products. This includes stable DUV power modulation, pulse-on-demand, and variable repetition rate operation.

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