General Optics

C-Lens & D-Lens

Build low insertion loss fiberoptic components – including switches, isolators, circulators, DWDMs, fiber amplifiers, and more – with these miniaturized optics.

These are miniature optics for collimating and coupling fiberoptics, or in-coupling light from laser or LED sources. They use spherical surfaces and offer lower cost and insertion loss, and longer working distances, than gradient index (GRIN) lenses.

C-Lens & D-Lens Capabilities

Use the chart below as a guide to the extensive manufacturing capabilities available at Coherent for the production of precision micro-optics.

Typical C-Lens & D-Lens Specifications

Lens Material

BK7, N-SF11, SF11, Silicon, and more

Typical Diameter 

1.000 +0.005/-0.001 mm or 1.800 +0.005/-0.001mm

Length Tolerance 

<±0.04 mm

Typical Wedge Angle

0°, 6°, 8°, 9°

Surface Figure

< λ/4

Surface Quality (scratch/dig)

better than 20-10

AR Coating 

R<0.15% at λc ±40 nm, λc = 1310, 1550 nm