General Optics

Birefringent Wedges

Split or combine polarization-multiplexed optical signals in telecom systems with miniature birefringent wedges offering both high extinction ratio and transmission.

These YVO4  and LiNbO3 birefringent wedges produce a large angular separation between orthogonally polarized beams in a very small space making them useful for telecom applications including WSS, isolators, interleavers, and more.

Birefringent Wedge Capabilities

Choose YVO4 or LiNbO, and specify size, wavelength, and anti-reflection coating options to meet your exact requirements.

Typical Birefringent Wedge Specifications





  • Lower chromatic dispersion 
  • Better temperature stability
  • Larger beam separation  
  • Lower cost


1 x 1 mm, 1.25 x 1.25 mm

Optical Axis Orientation Tolerance


Wavefront Distortion

λ/10 at 632.8 nm

Surface Quality


Antireflection Coating

R<0.20% at 1310 ± 40 nm or 1550 ± 40 nm