Medical Device Manufacturing

Choose from a wide range of systems for laser cutting, welding, drilling, texturing, and marking of medical devices. 

  • Precision Results Get better results with our precision machines and decades of process knowledge.
  • Maximum Uptime Maximize your productivity thanks to superior reliability backed by local service.
  • Optimum Solution Be sure of the best solution from the company with the broadest laser portfolio. 
Medical Device Manufacturing

Cutting Stents

Our turnkey machines are ideal for cutting all types of medical devices based on tubular blanks, including stents, hypotubes, and complex shapes like TAVR valve scaffolds.

Cutting Insulin Pens

Machines based on cost-effective fiber lasers for precision cutting of insulin pens and other detailed devices made from temperature-sensitive materials (e.g., nitinol).

Laser Black Marking

Our machines based on picosecond lasers provide permanent, corrosion-resistant black marking for UDI labeling, fiducials, and logos on stainless steel and aluminum.

UV Plastics Marking

Our ultraviolet laser solutions are used to create high-contrast marks in colored, transparent, white, and coated plastics, without thermal surface damage.

Welding Endoscopes

Laser welding machines from Coherent help to cost-optimize the production of endoscopes, from manual welding of single prototypes, all the way to fully automated CNC production.

Marking Tubular Devices

Simplify your tube marking challenges with a fully automated system, including robotic part handling, 100% inspection, and a broad choice of laser sources for metals and plastics.

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Success Stories

Coherent built a laser marking engine that would deliver the required performance and reliability, meet cost targets, and interface with the rest of the marking system.
Teddy Schultz Sales Director, Masentia A/S

SVM Automatik

Marking the dosage scale on the rotating dose selector of an insulin pen presents several challenges. See how SVM Automatik partnered with Coherent to develop a cost-effective production solution for precision marking the scales of insulin injection pens.

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